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  1. Mary
    December 8, 2020 @ 1:36 pm

    I recently discovered your fb page and your blog page love everything you post
    After the pandemic and tested positive in October I lost all my motivation and creativities seeing your post and following your Fb post I regain myself finally I’m back to myself
    I’m started repainting my furnitures shopping and finishing up decorating my house for the holiday
    Thank you for the motivation
    Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family

    I’m korean and lives in Virginia

    Love mary


    • Anna Monteiro
      December 8, 2020 @ 9:45 pm

      Hi Mary. Thank you so much for the kind words.I am so glad to hear you are doing better. Wishing you Happy Holidays
      Love, Anna


  2. Allie
    December 28, 2020 @ 7:07 pm

    So excited to have found you!
    ALLIE from CA


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