Nighttime skincare routine

September 23, 2017
nighttime skin care routine in your 30s

Nighttime skincare routine.

You guys I am turning OLD in 2 weeks haha and this year I decided to take my skincare routine up a notch (or like by a lot). Just a little background about me and my skin: I would consider my skin semi sensitive. I stay clear of anything super artificial or super perfumy. Therefore I am very selective of the products I actually try. I wanted to share that because in this industry PR packages, which arrive frequently, are full of goodies.

I want to be upfront and honest with you all. 99% of products I receive do not make it to my blog or social media. So what you see below, is actually carefully curated selection of stuff I actually LOVE and most purchased with my own money. (you can read another post about my beauty staples HERE).

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  1. The MakeUp Eraser. I randomly picked this one up at the check out line at Sephora. What is it? It’s a piece of magic haha This little towel removes even waterproof makeup with just water. I am not sure exactly how it works, but it works well. If you read the reviews online, people claim it caused them to break out, etc. I use it strictly to remove my mascara and any eye makeup. I am obsessed with this towel, because it is soft and gentle on the eyes, yet it does an impeccable job removing everything. Highly recommend it!
  2. La Roche Posay Face Wash. I have done a lot of research, before I finally found this face wash. It is great for any skin type: combination, oily or sensitive. It DOES NOT contain fragrance, which makes it a winner in my book. It contains glycerin and sorbitol, which prevent over drying the skin. What I also love about this product, is the minimal list of ingredients. And it leaves your skin feeling soft, and clean. One more thing, this product doesn’t claim any miracles like anti aging properties, etc. I am always doubtful when companies make these type of claims, because after all it only stays on your face for few seconds before you wash it off.
  3. GloPro. Are you on board with the microneedling trend? To be honest, I was weary and skeptical. I have sensitive skin, but I have seen so many beauty bloggers posting about this anti aging skin trend. And as a self proclaimed beauty junkie, I had to try it. I have also asked you all on IG if you’ve tried it, but most of you were as curious as me (but have yet to try it). Microneedling claims to trigger skin’s natural self healing and regenerating properties. As well as help with collagen production and volume loss. In the last year, I have definitely seen volume loss, especially seen around my mouth and cheek area (ahhh thirties be killing me ). GloPro tool (unlike manual models) has the LED light and gentle vibrating function. It’s all suppose to increase cell healing. Well, these are just the claims, and I purely care about the results (probably like most of you). RESULTS: I have been using this tool for almost 3 weeks now. I have been using it nightly (you can use it 2-3 times a week, I am more anxious about seeing results fast). ¬†After you use the tool, you have about two minutes to apply any serums, moisturizers, etc. My skin definitely “drinks” the products I apply immediately after (the needles create tiny channels for better absorbing of skin care products, and increase their efficacy). I also feel that my skin is more plump than before, and the texture feels softer. I am happy with the results so far. I plan to continue using it daily. I will also provide you with UPDATE of further results (3 month check in).
  4. neuLASH. This is one of the products I am really excited to share with you. My friend Rachel of Pinterstingplans has recommended this one. I have naturally SHORT, STUBBY lashes, that also happen to point down. I tried lash extensions. I loved the way they looked but loathed the cost, maintenance and not being able to submerge my face in water. I have been using this lash serum for 6 weeks now and the difference is HUGE. My lashes are so long now. I could not be happier with results. I have tried Latisse prior to having kids, and let me tell you the the results are very similar (neuLash is cheaper and works faster). This magic in a bottle is currently on sale 15% OFF (and one tube will last you for months).
  5. Aveda Wedding Masque Eye Cream. This product was sent to me in a PR package, and literally sat lonely in the bathroom closet for months, until I ran out of my regular eye cream. I am not big on masks, so the name did not really appeal to me initially. But then I realized it is just an overnight eye treatment. I am no fuss kind of gal. I do not necessarily believe we need separate day or nighttime cream, lotions, etc. (also I am no expert, this is just my opinion). What I care about in eye creams is that they provide sufficient levels of hydration, smooth out the skin and most importantly that they do not irritate my eyes or cause redness. This product DELIVERS on all. It is super rich (therefore nighttime application), my under eye skin actually “feels” good in the morning. And because of that it prepares your skin for your daytime routine and make up application (it’s like pre game for under eye). I will repurchase this product over and over again.
  6. Colleen Rothschild no9 Face Oil. I was never into face oils. Mostly because of fear of breakouts or irritation. The oil has also been sent to me in the PR package, and it took me over 6 months to try it. Why did I end up trying it after all? Well, I started breaking out, and my derm started my on some anti acne meds. As much as they helped my skin, they dried the living daylights out of it too. I came to the point where my skin was flakey, not cute and almost impossible to apply any type of foundation to. Out of sheer desperation I reached out for this oil. I am so glad I did. I freaking LOVE this oil. My skin is so supple and soft (especially after I use no3 and then oil). I use it at night, and in the morning my skin feels fresh and radiant. I should also add, that it absorbs really fast, and will not make your skin greasy. If you’re looking into adding face oil into your regimen, make it this one!
  7. Skinceuticals Daily Moisture. I have just started using this particular face cream. I use is for both day and nighttime. It does a great job hydrating my skin, yet will not leave it greasy. It makes a great base for make up application (even if skipping primer). It does not contain any irritants or strong fragrance. Also it does not clog your pores or cause breakouts- which is exactly what I was hoping for. I will not write here that this one is a must have, because I did not see any drastic changes in my skin’s appearance. But it does do a good job for a moisturizer. If you have a favorite one, drop the name below. I’d love to check it out.

That is all my friends. Thank you so much for reading. I am currently working on the post with DAY TIME SKIN CARE ROUTINE, so stay tuned.




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